The Many Uses Of A VPN

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network It is a tool that is commonly used for various purposes such as bypassing censorship, avoiding secure internet connections, unblocking videos that have their access restricted and unblocking streaming content that is not videos.


Why Virtual Private Networks are necessary


Virtual Private Networks are on a mission of restoring free and open internet that we all knew and were happy with by dealing with faceless content distributors that restrict internet content. The ultimate goal is to do away with internet disappointment that comes about as a result of messages restricting access to web content.


Factors that Influence Types of Virtual Private Network


The following are some of the main factors that determine the type of Virtual Private Network available to you.


1. Level of expertise of an individual

2. How much a person is willing to pay for a Virtual Private Network

3. The standard of service intended to be achieved by the Virtual Private Network

4. Performance expected from the Virtual Private Network

5. Security level expected from the Virtual Private Network

6. Ease of use of the Virtual Private Network


Types of Virtual Private Networks


The following are the categories of Virtual Private Networks depending on the content they bypass or unblock:


a. Virtual Private Network for unblocking geographically restricted content


Most content streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Hulu, Deezer, Spotify and many others have the practice of placing geographical barriers. These obstacles are put up since these streaming services possess content licenses that exclusive to the content in which they are in. However, it is important to know that in some cases, only specific content from abroad is blocked such as television shows or music albums. In other extreme cases, the whole application or website is restricted.





As this video shows, such Virtual Private Networks let you select from a variety of countries. These countries are then used to re-route your web traffic so as to camouflage your true location. This can be done for example to view content from a streaming service in a country abroad connect to a city in that country to unblock the content you need to access. However, it is important that you be aware that if you had previously unsuccessfully tried to access an application or a website without using a Virtual Private Network. The website or app will remember that attempt, and you will have to restart the application in the case of a phone. For a computer, your browser cookies and DNS cache will need to be deleted. Remember to alter your country in the computer’s settings. For individuals who treasure their browser cookies, utilize EditThisCookie extension as an alternative to clearing your computer browser cookies.


b. Virtual Private Network for bypassing ISP throttling


ISP throttling is when you have a video stuck in a buffering loop or playing in substandard quality despite being connected to a fast internet. It is characterized by bandwidth traveling to and from the video host. This is notwithstanding the fact that net neutrality principle is against unequal treatment of internet content by internet service providers. It promotes internet content neutrality of both internet service providers and utilities. A Virtual Private Network that caters for such a problem does so by encrypting the contents of your web traffic and its destination. This frustrates the efforts of cable and internet providers of determining where the internet traffic is bound.


c. Virtual Private Network for bypassing unsanctioned streams and torrents


Logless, also known as zero-knowledge Virtual Private Networks, prevent Internet Service Providers (ISP), corporations and law enforcement bodies from spying on what you are downloading or streaming and even from establishing your true location. They are fitted with standard encryption and security measures to facilitate that. This paralyzes Virtual Private Network and server hosting companies such that they will never collect any shred of evidence to present to authorities such as MIAA or other organizations with litigation capabilities should they decide to file charges against you.




VPN is the solution that will restore the once free and open internet of yesteryear. Use a Virtual Private Network today to avoid disappointment on the web in the form of content restriction messages. Without a doubt, it is a good and cheaper way of staying connected and up to date. With proper usage of VPN, you can stay connected throughout without having to endure the disappointment of internet interruptions.